Protein Stimulation and Adrenal Support Supplements


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) is an ester of the trimethylated amino acid, L-carnitine and is synthesized in the brain, liver, and kidneys by the enzyme ALC-transferase. ALC facilitates the uptake of acetyl coA into the mitochondria during fatty acid oxidation, enhances acetylcholine production and stimulates protein and membrane phospholipid synthesis.

This was quite a mouthful, but according to the peer reviewed literature and clinical feedback I have received, Acetyl-L-Carnitine has been shown to be beneficial with geriatric depression, dementia, HIV infection, diabetic neuropathies, cognitive impairment associated with alcoholism and ischemia.

Many of the doctors who practice anti-aging medicine feel it is one of the most effective supplements that can provide to their patients to help slow the aging process and to help patients with recovery from serious illness.


ADHS is an adrenal support supplement that contains vitamins, minerals and herbs. It contains no glandular material which makes it perfect for vegetarians. The vitamins and minerals, specifically magnesium and the B vitamins, are components that are known to support adrenal function.

The preliminary studies (and follow-up studies conducted through July 2001) on ADHS indicate that it is very effective in helping to normalize cortical production by the adrenal cortex. In many cases the before and after salivary adrenal stress indexes indicate we are able to significantly lower the cortisone and normalize DHEA.

We have observed patients who have been in adrenal hyperfunction (increased Cortisol production) for many years and we were not able to completely correct the problem until now. ADHS does an excellent job of correcting adrenal hyperfunction.

Care should be given not to use too much ADHS. Initially you should start at a low level and not take the product after 12:00 noon.

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