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Masula Chiropractic Clinic Welcomes You:
The Wellness Doctor in Chico 


Chico ChiropractorDr. Larry Masula welcomes all his neighbors to stop by and discover how he and his chiropractic clinic staff can alleviate vertigoherniated disc problems,neck painshoulder pain, and more through spinal decompression, neuropathology and physiotherapy. We have helped patients overcome all kinds of painful and debilitating disorders and injuries, but we especially want to help people discover their individual path to total health and wellness.

As a chiropractor and wellness doctor, Dr. Masula is committed to helping patients find pain relief, as well as maximizing their overall health. We get involved in community events like the children's fair, the county fair, the farmers market and the garden show, helping to educate and help our neighbors find out how our chiropractic clinic works to help people achieve their health goals.

Chico Wellness Doctor Treats Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain,
Herniated Disc Pain, and Vertigo

Drawing on his background in neurology, our chiropractor, Dr. Masula, treats balance disorders, migraines, arm pain, hand pain, numbness, back pain, tingling, ringing in the ears, car accident injuries, personal injuries, sports injuries, martial arts injuries and even gardening injuries. Some of our treatment methods for these and other conditions will include neuropathology, spinal decompressionphysiotherapy, and exercise and nutrition counseling.

With Dr. Masula's knowledge of both chiropractic care and neuropathology, he is able to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from problems of the nervous system. Since the nervous system is encased within the spine, the proper alignment and health of the spinal column is of critical importance. We employ the latest chiropractic techniques and equipment in our office to help patients who are suffering from neurological disorders to find the relief they seek. Our chiropractic clinic employs spinal decompression therapy to gently elongate the spine, taking pressure off of problem areas. Patients often experience accelerated pain relief because pinched nerves are released, circulation to the area is increased, and the body's healing abilities are able to get to work more effectively.

In addition to neurological disorders and back pain, we see patients who have suffered injuries that have decreased their range of motion or ability to move about comfortably. Our chiropractor works with each of our patients on an individualized physiotherapy plan that helps them be able to regain a full range of motion without pain. Our wellness doctor, Dr. Masula, is passionate about helping people discover their inner ability to achieve total health and wellness. Diet and exercise are also critical factors in achieving these goals, so we feature a full range of nutrition and exercise programs, specifically tailored to help each patient reach their full potential.

At our Chico chiropractic clinic, we design comprehensive treatment and wellness plans for patients that are looking for pain relief or for improved overall health. If you are suffering from neck painshoulder painherniated disc painvertigo, balance disorders, headaches, or are looking to improve your overall health, we invited you to call us at 530-342-6441 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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  • "I had terrible back problems for many, many years. I was going to the chiropractor 2 or 3 times a week. I changed to Masula Chiropractic and soon after he got his decompression machine. I went throught the series of decompression treatments and my back has NEVER been better! I just can't tell you how much better it is! It's unbelievable! It REALLY worked for me and hopefully it works for anybody else that tries it. Thank you Masula Chiropractic!"
    ~Lynn S.~

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