Our Chiropractor Soothes Chico Neck Pain

We often joke about something being a “pain in the neck,” but neck pain can actually be very uncomfortable and affect overall mobility. It can be felt in the muscles and nerves of the neck, the cervical vertebrae from the spinal column, and the disks in between the vertebrae. Although there are many causes of neck or cervical pain, Dr. Masula can provide healing relief for whatever is causing your neck to ache.

Sometimes the cause of a pain in the neck can be quite simple. Poor posture while standing, watching television, reading, or sitting at a desk can cause undue pressure in the neck area. Patients sometimes say they “slept wrong,” meaning they had a pillow which didn’t provide enough support or slept in a position which caused their neck shift out of alignment. Other patients strain neck muscles trying to pick up something at an awkward angle or when performing exercises, such as stomach crunches, improperly.

There are also many serious causes of neck or cervical pain. The most common of these is whiplash caused by a violent impact, such as a car accident or sports injury. Other patients may have a pinched nerve, herniated disk or a condition such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or rheumatism that is the source of their pain.

Spinal Decompression and Other Sources of Relief

Our chiropractor has a variety of treatment options to provide relief for patients living with Chico neck pain. After an initial examination to determine the exact cause of your neck, cervical or back pain, Dr. Masula recommends a treatment plan to provide relief care for your pain, corrective care, and wellness care to help you continue living pain-free. He may prescribe chiropractic care including decompression to relieve pressure on any pinched nerves, realignment of the spine, physiotherapy, or exercises to relieve the pain and help restore mobility.

What do you think is causing your neck or cervical pain? Leave a comment below and let the pain professionals at Masula Chiropractic, Neurology and Family Wellness help you find relief from your pain in the neck.

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