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That’s right, OXYGEN is one of “THE KEYS” in treating migraines! Find out what the other “keys” are below……………

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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of doctors telling you that they can help you with your migraine headaches only to find out that it didn’t work? How many doctors have YOU been to? Some of the thousands of patients that I have treated with migraines have been to 5-10 other doctors BEFORE they came to me.

Over the past 33 years, I have successfully treated thousands of migraines sufferers, let me tell you why………

KEY #1: Oxygen is one “key” in treating migraines because migraines are a neurological disorder! Your brain and nervous system need 2 things to survive……….#1 FUEL and #2 ACTVATION. Fuel comes in the form of oxygen and glucose. Well, you get glucose from the foods that you eat, BUT…….as we age our ability to utilize oxygen decreases. It’s called oxidative phosphorizalation which is a big fancy word for “your body doesn’t utilize oxygen the way that it should as you age.” Add in the fact that most people are shallow breathers; can you see why you are NOT getting enough fuel for your brain and nervous system? Oxygen is like gas in the car. Without any gas in the car you are not driving anywhere and without oxygen available for your brain and nervous system all of the treatments in the world will not get you better! What’s the answer???? We give all of our patients 30-45 minutes of oxygen before we treat them!

KEY #2: Unilateral adjusting. You may have been to a chiropractor before and were worse AFTER the treatment. It’s because they did TOO MUCH or exceeded metabolic capacity. Have you been to a chiropractor and there was NO change in your symptoms at all? With migraines or any other neurological condition I only want to adjust you on ONE side. The side opposite of brain decreased firing or impulse. We all have heard that the left brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. If your left brain has a lack of impulses or firing, I only want to adjust you on the right side.

KEY #3: Auricular-therapy. Auricular-therapy is electro-acupuncture on the ear (no needles utilized). By using auricular-therapy on the ear I can increase firing of the lower brainstem and slow down the upper brainstem. When the upper brainstem is over firing, you will experience a migraine because the blood vessels in the head are expanding and contracting. The expansion and contraction of the blood vessels in the brain causes the nerve mesh surrounding the vessels to create massive amounts of pain. Normally, the brain fires to the lower brainstem which slows down the upper brainstem.

So there you have it………..ARE YOU TIRED OF SUFFERING WITH MIGRAINE HEADACHES? If you are, I invite you to call me at and set up a “FREE CONSULTATION AND SCREENING” with me today! Don’t suffer another day, call now and put an end to your suffering!


Dr. Larry E. Masula

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