Herniated Discs Explained

Herniated Disc Pain Relieved by Chico Chiropractor

If you are experiencing back pain or occasional bouts of weakness or numbness in the neck, arms or legs then it may be caused by a herniated disc. The spine is made up of small bones that are cushioned by tiny sponge-like discs. Over time the pressure placed on the discs can cause the discs to tear, slip or break which leads to the painful back aches or symptoms of weakness in the body.

At our Masula Chiropractic, Neurology and Family Wellness, we can help diagnose and treat the source of your back pain, which may or may not be caused by a herniated disc. Through the use of massage and chiropractic services we can help develop a course of treatment that relieves the pain without having to resort to invasive surgeries or prescription medications.

Chiropractic Care Lessens Pain from Herniated Discs

Pain that is associated with herniated discs can often be relieved with chiropractic care. Many times when the disc has slipped, broken or torn it can cause pressure to be placed on a nerve which causes extreme aches and pains. Our wellness doctor and chiropractor, Dr. Masula can help to relieve these aches and pains by gently manipulating the spine and slowly moving the disc back into proper alignment.

At our Chico chiropractic clinic we will work to diagnosis and treat back pain that has happened as a result of the rupturing, damage, slippage or breaking of the spinal disc. Whether the damage to the disc happened as a result of an injury or as a result of aging, working closely with our team will get you back on the right track to a pain-free lifestyle.

Have you tried chiropractic care or other alternative treatments to cure or treat your herniated disc?


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