Do You Suffer from Vertigo?

Explaining Vertigo and Natural Treatments

After experiencing head or neck trauma, you may find that you are prone to bouts of vertigo. This sensation includes feeling like you are spinning, dizzy or imbalanced and these sensations can lead to vomiting, nausea and sweating. One of the most common causes of feeling like this is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV.

Treating BPPV at Our Chiropractic Clinic

BPPV can be found in about 20 percent of all reported cases of dizziness and more than 50 percent of dizziness in older patients is directly caused by BPPV. Unless there are other causes of your condition, such as having had a stroke, the presence of tumors or neurological conditions such as MS, then our chiropractic clinic in Chico can help you overcome BPPV.

BPPV is a condition of the inner ear which causes dizziness. When small calcium carbonate crystals float in the fluid in the inner ear canal fluid, they strike against nerve endings and cause BPPV.

Chiropractors can diagnose BPPV after performing a neurological and physical exam and after taking a full case history. Once diagnosed, our chiropractor can then perform various chiropractic techniques and treatment options to treat your symptoms. Among the techniques used, the doctor may position you in a way so as to allow gravity to shift the calcium carbonate crystals away from sensitive nerve endings thereby reducing your sensation of dizziness, spinning or imbalance.

After the physical treatment with our wellness doctor, he will likely send you home with some exercises that you can perform at home to aid in your treatment. Chiropractic treatment of BPPV is generally very successful.

At our Masula Chiropractic, Neurology and Family Wellness Center, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and help you with your BPPV or whatever condition you may be suffering from. Our clinic is staffed by caring people who are committed to helping you live a life free of pain and dizziness. Our Chico chiropractor, Dr. Masula, believes in treating the whole body, not just the symptoms. That means when you come to see him about your dizziness he will work with you to find out exactly what the cause is and not just send you home with a prescription for medication.

Have you suffered from BPPV or dizziness? How has a chiropractor helped you overcome this condition?


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