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Braverman Quiz


At parties I can’t control my eating. T/F Caffeinated drinks, like coffee, tea, or sodas,

          put me in a better mood. T/F

I am a smoker. T/F I am a very domineering individual. T/F I am eccentric and do things differently than others. T/F I am self-centered. T/F I am very hard on myself. T/F I bloat easily after eating. T/F I crave sugar. T/F I drink more than three alcoholic beverages per week. T/F I eat alone. T/F I eat my lunch while I’m working. T/F I eat only to re-energize my body. T/F I find exercise invigorating. T/F I get easily depressed or blue. T/F I have a temper. T/F I have gained more than 20 pounds since I was 20 years old. T/F I have no energy to exercise. T/F I have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. T/F I know I need to exercise, but I always seem to put it off. T/F I need to have at least one cup of coffee to

Jump-start me in the morning. T/F

I overeat when I am stressed. T/F I sometimes experience total exhaustion

without even exerting myself. T/F

I tend to be a loner. T/F I’m hard on myself but I’m harder on my friends and family. T/F

Total # of T responses: __________


1. Cheese is a large part of my diet. T/F

2. I am a person who can’t get enough new ideas or experiences. T/F

3. I am detail oriented. T/F

4. I am flirtatious. T/F

5. I can’t get enough new drugs or new places. T/F

6. I crave fatty foods. T/F

7. I don’t exercise anymore. T/F

8. I eat lots of low-calorie foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. T/F

9. I experience mood swings. T/F

10. I find it more comfortable to do things alone rather than in a large group. T/F

11. I have had an eating disorder at some point in my life. T/F

12. I have lost muscle tone. T/F

13. I have tried many alternative remedies.  T/F

14. I lack imagination. T/F

15. I like to talk about what’s bothering me. T/F

16. I like to try new foods and cuisines. T/F

17. I love yoga and stretching my muscles. T/F

18. I need a lot of love and nurturing. T/F

19. I often feel agitated. T/F

20. I tend to see myself in a desirable light. T/F

21. Losing weight is a priority for me. T/F

22. Lunch or dinner is usually accompanied by at least one glass of wine. T/F

23. Some people say I have my head in the clouds. T/F

24. Sometimes, by the end of the day, I don’t remember what I’ve eaten T/F

25. When I eat, I love to experience the aromas and the beauty of food. T/F

Total # of T responses: __________


Caffeine has little effect on me. T/F Cooking is one way I take care of my family/loved ones. T/F Dinner is not complete without dessert. T/F I can create strong, lasting bonds with others. T/F I can sense that others want to hurt me. T/F I choose the same things to eat all the time. T/F I crave bitter foods. T/F I don’t have specific food cravings. T/F I embarrass easily. T/F I frequently drink too much. T/F I have experimented with drugs. T/F I have fits of rage. T/F I like exercise because it helps me relax. T/F I lose my temper easily. T/F I love to try new things. T/F I need a lot of food to fill me up. T/F I often feel fatigued even when I have had a good night’s sleep. T/F I overeat. T/F I share too much personal information about my life with others. T/F I eat my meals quickly. T/F I tend to worry more than I used to. T/F I’m nervous and jumpy. T/F I’m afraid of confrontations and altercations. T/F My thoughts get too confused. T/F When I make a decision, it’s permanent. T/F

Total # of T responses: __________


Eating is one of the main ways that I socialize with others. T/F I am a deep-feeling person. T/F I am easily irritated. T/F I am extremely suspicious. T/F I am very artistic. T/F I believe my ideas are superior. T/F I can easily take advantage of others. T/F I can’t find meaning in life. T/F I can’t relax. T/F I crave carbohydrates. T/F I crave salt. T/F I don’t do the activities I used to enjoy. T/F I drain myself fiving to others but then fill myself with food. T/F I engage in daring activities such as skydiving,

          motorcycle riding, and so forth. T/F

I’ve had thoughts of self-destruction or suicide. T/F I find myself thinking about the same things over and over again. T/F I have little energy to exercise. T/F I have many frivolous relationships. T/F I just like to “eat, drink, and be merry.” T/F I need an alcoholic drink in order to get a good night’s sleep. T/F I need to eat right before going to bed. T/F I rarely stick to a plan or agenda. T/F I usually grab a quick meal on the run. T/F I’m never very hungry, although sometimes

          I find myself eating more than I should. T/F

I’m not as strong as I used to be. T/F

Total # of T responses: __________

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