Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

Diabetes affects over 26 million people in the United States. Almost another 80 million people are at risk for developing the disease. The number of people suffering from diabetes is expected to rise. By 2050, one third of Americans are expected to have the disease. The month of November is Diabetes Awareness Month and we here at Masula Chiropractic Clinic in Chico, California, have some suggestions to raise your awareness of the disease and to help you take steps to prevent diabetes.

Diabetes Basics

There are three types of diabetes, type 1 is an auto-immune disorder, type 2 develops over time and is preventable. The third type is gestational diabetes, which occurs when some women are pregnant and increases the risk for type 2 diabetes. When a person has diabetes, he has too much sugar in his blood, caused either by the body not producing enough insulin or from a resistance to insulin, the hormone that breaks down glucose in the blood.

Tips from Our Chico Chiropractor to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

While type 1 diabetes is not preventable, our chiropractor, Dr. Larry Masula has some tips to help you prevent type 2 diabetes.

A healthy diet and more exercise are two ways to prevent diabetes. The wellness doctor at our chiropractic clinic recommends eating whole foods, such as whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cut back on the amount of saturated fat in your diet as well. If you want more advice for improving your diet, make an appointment with our chiropractor to discuss overall wellness and nutrition plans.

Activity Can Prevent Diabetes and Pain

As diabetes advances, it can lead to nerve pain. A person with diabetes may experience back pain, as well as leg and foot pain. Exercise can help prevent diabetes and minimize any diabetes related pain you may already be experiencing. Add gentle exercises to your routine, such as swimming or bicycling. We encourage patients with diabetes to schedule a consultation with our chiropractor to create management plans that will help to minimize the effects of diabetes.

Do you have any tips for living a healthy, diabetes-free life?

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