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Benefits of Vitamin D

Can Vitamin D help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease (AD)? According to new research from scientists at UCLA, UC Riverside, and the Human BioMolecular Research Institute, it may be true. They found that vitamin D3, a form of vitamin D, may stimulate the immune system to rid the brain of beta amyloid, an abnormal brain protein that is believed to be a major cause of AD. 

The researchers also studied the use of vitamin D3 in conjunction with curcumin, a chemical found in the common spice turmeric. When used together, this pair also boosted the immune system and protected the brain against beta amyloid. 

For this study, which appeared in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, the researchers used blood samples from nine AD patients to examine macrophages, which are key players in the immune system. In the brain, macrophages act like scavengers, eating up potentially harmful waste products, such as bacteria and beta amyloid. 

The research team found that when synthetic curcumin was introduced into the macrophages, it enhanced their ability to grab beta amyloid. The vitamin D stimulated the absorption of the beta amyloid in the macrophages, so it could be carried out of the brain more effectively. 

This amazing study offers hope for new prevention and treatment methods for AD. It also highlights the importance of vitamin D. 

Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more and more common, in part because we are spending more time indoors and using more sunscreen. Vitamin D, which is sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, is derived from sun exposure as well as dietary sources, including fish, eggs, and fortified milk. 

A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology discovered that vitamin deficiency is common in older men, especially those who are obese or sedentary and living in northern climates. Other studies show that Americans over the age of 50, those living at higher latitudes, and those who are obese are at increased risk for vitamin D deficiency. 

In the body, vitamin D helps keep bones healthy, improves the immune system, and reduces inflammation. Add these benefits to the new possibilities for preventing or treating AD and it's clear that everybody should be concerned about getting adequate vitamin D. About 20 minutes of sun exposure a day, a good diet, and supplementation can help. 

To your brain health

L.E. Masula, DC

Bio-D-Mulsion Forte is the type of vitamin D I recommend. It comes in liquid form and is manufacutred by Biotics Research Corporation. In this manner it may be absorbed sublingually, thereby bypassing the digestive tract. To order, click on the following link.

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